Sunday, 13 November 2011

Apple with Attitude for the Teacher

My daughter (Ainslie – 5) loves making things for her teachers.  With the end of the school year approaching fast she decided that she would like to knit an apple for one of her teachers and give that apple some attitude.  This apple is soon to be joined by a Bashful Banana for her second teacher and a Merry Melon for her Teachers Aide, so look out for them in future posts.  This apple was knit on the original Bond knitting machine that belongs to my 6 year old son (Alan).  It has been specially shortened to 25 needles for him.  The apple can be knit on any Bulky machine just check your gauge by knitting a swatch.

Please be considerate in using this pattern as I have spent many hours developing and testing it.  You may make a copy for personal use, but not post elsewhere on the web or sell this pattern.  Apples made from this pattern should be made as gifts for teachers or for that fruit lover in your life, but not sold for profit.

Yarn:  Worsted weight red or green (8 ply Australia, 4ply US);  Oddments of plain green for leaf and brown for stalk

Other items:  Pipe cleaners (approx. 16 cm in length;  Dimensional fabric paint; 
                     Goggle Eyes

Gauge:  20 sts 28 rows to 4” using KP2

Abbreviations: KP = Key Plate;  COR = Carriage on right;  COL = Carriage on left; 
RC = Row Count;  HP = Hold Position;  K = Knit;  FWP = Forward Work Position;  
Rs = Rows or Rounds;  st = stitch;  sts = stitches;  St st = Stocking stitch; 
dec = decrease;  inc = increase;  WP = Work Position

Hang hem on 25 needles and knit 8 rows with waste yarn.  Knit 1 row with ravel cord ending COR.  K1 row with main yarn and set RC to 000.  COL

Row 1: Push 8 needles on right edge into HP and K1 row.
Row 2: Push 2 needles on left edge into HP and K1 row.
Row 3: Push 2 needles on right edge into FWP and K1 row.
Row 4-9: Repeat rows 2 and 3 ending COR.
Row 10: Push 8 needles on left edge into FWP and K1 row.

These 10 rows represent a completed wedge.  Knit till 8 wedges have been completed (RC = 80)
Remove from machine on waste yarn leaving a long tail of main yarn for grafting.
Draw tail of yarn through edge stitches and fasten tight.  Graft starting row stitches to last row stitches.  Firmly stuff the apple.  Draw tail of yarn through edge stitches and fasten tight. 

Pick up three stitches from the centre top of the apple (the end were the tail of yarn is).  Hang weights from the bottom of the apple.  Knit a 1 ½ inch length of i-cord with the brown yarn (approx. 10 rows).  You may need to hand knit off the first 3 rows.  Cast off the 3 stitches to form a flat end for the i-Cord.

Optional Attitude
You may decide to leave the apple plain or to give it some attitude.  To turn this apple into a fruity person with attitude knit some i-cord arms and legs with matching feet and hands.   Placement of legs and arms is up to your own personal preferences.  The ones on the apple shown have been placed so that from one side we see an apple with attitude and on the other side just a plain apple.

For legs: 
Using earth brown yarn, pick up 4 stitches, using top and bottom of 2 sts making sure the bottom of the apple is facing away from the machine.  Knit 30 Rs of i-cord.  Change to green or red and KP1.  K1 row increasing 1 st at each edge (6 sts).  K 10 rows St st. 
Toe: Short row dec to 2 ndls in WP and then Short row inc to all ndls back in work.
K 2 rows St st. 
Heel: As for toe. 
Knit 3 rows St st.  On next row dec 2 stitches and knit row.  Cast off. 
Sew seams of foot inserting a rolled up pipe cleaner inside the foot.  Shape the foot as either a ballet slipper (girl - shown) or boot (boy).

For arms: 
Using earth brown yarn, pick up 4 stitches as for the legs and knit 25 Rs of i-cord.  Change to green or red and KP1.  K 2 rows St st. Inc 1 st at each end of next row. K 3 rows.  Complete short rowing as for toe.  K 3 rows.  Dec 1 st at each end of next row. K 2 rows. Cast off.  Sew seams of mitts.

Make sure legs are knit, so that the shoes face in the correct direction.

To give the apple some extra character, give the apple a face using either dimensional or puff paint.  Maybe try a set of fancy goggle eyes.

To give the apple more shape attach a doubled over piece yarn to just under the stalk.  Thread both strands of yarn through the centre of the apple from top to bottom making sure that the strands exit separated by at least one stitch.  Pull firmly to form an indent on the apples top.  Fasten off and weave in any loose ends.

If you need further clarification of this pattern leave a message below.


Monique said...

This is one adorable apple!

Sharon Knits said...

Thanks Monique. Look out for more Fruit with Attitude.