Friday, 29 July 2011

What I have been up to with knitting

I have just returned to work, so posts will probably be once a month at this stage. Soon to come will be a pattern for not one, but 2 versions of a Minion hat just like the Minions from Despicable Me.  Callison (10) has asked for his to have one eye and a blue mowhawk.  Alan (6) wants his to have two eyes.  I hope to have this pattern up in the next few days time permitting.
Oh and that cute horse that I knit up (as seen in my profile picture) has finally been published in "Country of Maine News and Views".  This is a publication for machine knitters.  Just click on the link for their website in my "sites of interest" and order Volume 6 Issue 1 for the pattern for Hamish the Sock Horse.
Happy Crafting with Fibre

Friday, 1 July 2011

Inspired by Edith’s Hat in Despicable Me

My daughter just loves the movie “Despicable Me”.  On seeing the movie for the first time at our local cinema she asked me to knit her a hat just like the one that Edith wore.
This pattern was inspired by the movie and was knit on an Ultimate Sweater Machine using KP2 to fit child size 21” head.  This hat is stretchy, so it will fit larger sizes as well.  Use less stitches for a smaller size or more stitches for a larger size.  The height of the hat can be adjusted by knitting more rows evenly in stripes 1, 2 and 3.
This hat is knit from bottom up and can be knit on other mid gauge or bulky machines as long as the gauge is matched.  I have used a schematic to try and explain how to knit this hat, so work from the bottom of the schematic up.  If you see any mistakes let me know, so they can be corrected.  Enjoy knitting this hat in shades of pink OR maybe shades of blue, orange or even green.

Craftworks Acrylic 8ply (DK or Light Worsted) /100g/320m in pink & dusty rose

     USM KP2   18 sts 24 rows to 4” (note that the gauge for i-cord is slightly looser)

Special instructions:

Piping:  Knit 3 rows count down 3 purl bumps and rehang these stitches continue knitting next section.

Ear flaps:  Put 56 needles at end opposite carriage into HP;  K 1 row;  Put 11 needles at end opposite carriage into HP;  dec 1 st each end of next and then every 3rd row to 4 sts;  reverse shaping increasing back to 18 sts. of earflap;  put these 18 needles into HP;  return next 45 ndls into UWP;  K 1 row;  put 27 back into HP (18 needles in WP for next ear flap); shape second earflap as for first remembering to push all needles in HP back into UWP for last row; K to end.

Instructions:  Knit from bottom up.

Ainslie wearing her new hat.