Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lanofix Knitting Machines

It has been awhile since my last post and I have been busy designing and collecting vintage items from the 40s and 50s.  My latest addition to the knitting machine collection is a Lanofix "Mininitter".  It's an unusual machine in that it has no carriage, but can knit stocking stitch with ease and other stitches by manipulation.  These machines were produced in the later 40's to very early 50s in Italy.  With an advertisement for the machine being produced in 1949 (

The Lanofix company of Negri Milano first started production of knitting machines in 1938.  I also have in my collection the first model Lanofix made by this company.  It knits garter stitch as well as stocking stitch and other stitches by hand manipulation.  The photo for this machine is below.

Lanofix 1938 Model with complete set of tools

This machine was given to it's original owner as a wedding present in 1943.  She was not sure if was new or not, but I suspect that it may have been a second hand machine at that time due to World War 2 and lack of production facilities.  The machine was only used once and then packed away as she preferred to knit with needles.  This appears to be the case with many of these vintage knitting machines.

Here are some photos of the Lanofix "Mininitter" before cleaning.  All it will need is a light dusting, hooks polished and a light oiling.  The machine appears to have had minimal usage and then been stored away.

Lanofix "Mininitter" unboxed
Lanofix "Mininitter" Tension dial and Latch Hook Bar

Lanofix "Mininitter" Tools and manual

The Lanofix machine was also produced as a double bed machine in the early to mid 50s.

Lanofix Double Bed Machine, with weights, clamps,
transfer combs, and other tools in original pouch.
There is even the table top from the table that was
originally bought new with the machine in the mid 50s.

Please note that I am unable to provide valuations for these machines as it depends on overall condition, vintage knitting machine market and potential buyers.