Friday, 24 June 2011

Spiderman Spider Web Afghan

Spiderman, Spiderman
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web any size
Catches thieves just like flies
Look out, here comes the Spiderman

Most of us remember the theme tune from Spiderman.  Here is a pattern for a afghan that is sure to please any spiderman fan.  My nephew Kai (13) has been an avid Spiderman fan for most of his life.  The pure look of joy and the big hug from him on his thirteenth birthday told me more than words how much he loved it.  He quickly took to wearing it like a cape and when it came to bedtime the afghan followed him.  This is my second attempt at posting this. The first time it became garbled, so hopefully it now makes sense.

(Photo of Kai with his Afghan)

This pattern has been written for the Ultimate Sweater Machine (USM), but can be knit on any bulky knitting machine just match the gauge and set your machine for partial knitting.  Make sure that you knit a test swatch to determine the gauge your machine knits at as each machine (even other USMs) can vary.  For those who would prefer to hand knit this afghan instructions will be posted soon.

YARN: Carnival Australian 8 ply (DK or light worsted); 400g Red (MC) & 100g Black (CC) (or colours of own choosing); Acrylic; Machine wash

GAUGE: 19.0 sts by 23.0 rows per 4” in stocking stitch
      Bond USM using KP2

      Main Panel            42.0
      Border                    1.8
      Diameter              45.6

Note: True diameter is smaller as the border will roll to form a pipe like trim.

       COL – Carriage on Left                      WY – Waste Yarn
       COR – Carriage on Right                    MC – Main Colour
       HP – Hold position                              CC – Contrast Colour
       FWP – Forward work position            ndls – needles
       RC – Row Count

SHORT ROWING (increase method)
1.    With COL place all ndls into HP. 
2.    *Next row: return the indicated number of needles to FWP (latches open), work 1 row, wrap the next ndl in HP, work 1 row, returning to COL. 
3.    Repeat for number of times indicated. 

1.    Using a 5mm crochet hook and CC held at back of work attach yarn to first spoke of afghan near the centre.  The distance from the centre is not important as the spiral needs to be random just like a spider’s web.
2.    Crochet the spiral by following the stitches in each wedge and crocheting in between 1 and 6 stitches up the next spoke.  Repeat around the afghan.
3.    Finish where the border meets the final spoke.  (Refer to schematic at bottom of post.)

1.  Cast on 100 sts in WY, using KP2 and open edge method.  Work 8 rows WY.  COR.  Change to CC.  Reset RC000.  Start working in Stocking Stitch. 
2.  First wedge.  Work 1 row across all sts.  Put all ndls into HP.  Change to MC.  Short row 3 sts every other row 24 times, then 2 sts every other row 13 times.  Total 75 rows.  Bring remaining ndls to FWP (latches open).  Change to CC.  Work 1 row even across all sts (slip centre st to keep centre hole small). 
3.  Repeat first wedge 11 more times.  (Each wedge is 76 rows, total for all wedges is 912 rows). 
4.  Change to WY.  Work 8 rows.  Remove sts from machine. 

1.    Using KP2 cast on 8 sts in WY.  Work 8 rows.  Change to CC.  Reset RC000. 
2.    ... Grafting:  work the last stitch of every other border row together with a stitch from the main panel, in the ratio of 1 border row to 1 main panel row.  Make sure the right side of main panel is facing away from the machine. 
3.    After cast-on, work 1 row across all sts.
4.    Starting at cast on edge of main panel, right side facing, work 76 rows of stocking stitch, grafting to the main panel (1 border rows to each 1 main panel rows). 
5.    Reset RC000. 
6.    Repeat for each section, until the border has been worked completely around the main panel.
7.    Change to WY, work 8 rows, remove sts from machine. 

1.    Graft the afghan together along the inside seam.  (Step by step instructions can be found here.)
2.    Work spiral as indicated in special notes.
3.    Darn/weave/sew in all loose ends.
4.    BLOCK.  It makes a big difference to the way the afghan looks.  If you see any mistakes let me know, so that I can make corrections.



Lynne said...

Thank you for this!

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Thank you for posting this. It turned out great.

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This is so cool... I have to make this one for both of my grandsons