Saturday, 18 June 2011

Adventures into Knits N' Everything Fibre...

I have been toying with the idea of creating a Blog for some time now and finally decided that the time has come. I hope to share my knowledge of anything to do with fibre and its use from nearly 35 years of experience. In time I will make some of my own designs available for you to try. Here are some examples of my creations. Enjoy them as much as I did in their creation.

Feathers Scarf - HK

Christmas Miniatures - HK

Holly & Berries Christmas Thumb Mittens - C

Hamish the Sock Horse - MK

Sock Monkey - MK

Spiderman Web Afghan - MK

Edith's Earflap Hat from Despicable Me - MK

Easter Thumb Mittens - C

Calico Sock Cat - MK


Lynne said...

Love your spider man afghan! How did you do it?

Sharon Knits said...

The spiderman afghan was knit on my Ultimate Sweater machine. It can be knit on any machine that takes 8 ply (or worsted weight) yarn. This will be the first pattern I make available and will hopefully be up next weekend. The pattern will be available for machine knitting as well as hand knitting.