Saturday, 18 June 2011

Adventures into Knits N' Everything Fibre...

I have been toying with the idea of creating a Blog for some time now and finally decided that the time has come. I hope to share my knowledge of anything to do with fibre and its use from nearly 35 years of experience. In time I will make some of my own designs available for you to try. Here are some examples of my creations. Enjoy them as much as I did in their creation.

Feathers Scarf - HK

Christmas Miniatures - HK

Holly & Berries Christmas Thumb Mittens - C

Hamish the Sock Horse - MK

Sock Monkey - MK

Spiderman Web Afghan - MK

Edith's Earflap Hat from Despicable Me - MK

Easter Thumb Mittens - C

Calico Sock Cat - MK


  1. Love your spider man afghan! How did you do it?

  2. The spiderman afghan was knit on my Ultimate Sweater machine. It can be knit on any machine that takes 8 ply (or worsted weight) yarn. This will be the first pattern I make available and will hopefully be up next weekend. The pattern will be available for machine knitting as well as hand knitting.